Air Purity – Remove Pollution, Dust & Pollen for Pets

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2. DOG WITH ALLERGIESWhen it come to air purity in the home it has become clear that humans are not the only ones to suffer when allergy season comes along. According to veterinary dermatologists animals also experience the same types of allergies and symptoms as humans do. Veterinary specialists have stated that dogs with allergies can present with symptoms such as constant paw chewing and excessive scratching.

This can lead to skin yeast or secondary bacterial infections that may cause crusts on the skin, hair loss and scabs on the skin. For example allergies to environmental antigens such as atopic dermatitis, is not curable but can be treated. Treating pet allergies is similar to treating human allergies that includes antihistamines, air purifiers, and allergy testing and inoculations.

Once pets have been diagnosed and treatment administered, the animals bedding should be washed and vacuumed regularly. They should also be bathed on a weekly basis to prevent allergic outbreaks. Prolonged exposure to mold can cause respiratory related illnesses in animals and even death.

Health Complications Triggered By Indoor Pollution And Allergens

DOG WITH ALLERGYStudies show that prolonged indoor pollution and allergen exposure can trigger respiratory infections in humans and animals. The World Health Organization has identified over 2 million premature deaths annually due to airborne pollution. Since animals have a heightened sensitivity to foreign bodies, the effects of indoor pollution on dogs, cats and other pets tends to be more severe.

The chances are far greater of pets developing bronchitis, asthma, nose and throat illnesses when continuously exposed to persistent air pollution and allergens. It is important for pet owners to be aware of allergens in their environment that can potentially impact their health. Should your pet show symptoms, you should consult with a vet who will diagnose and treat your pet.

How To Improve Air Purity & Remove Allergens

lw15-wEffective measures can be taken to help your pets and family breathe easier such as using eco-friendly paints and cleaning chemicals. The very best air purity comes from a Venta airwasher. It reduces mold and waste and removes allergens, dust and other harmful particles from the air we breathe.

Airwasher’s have no filters and act like humidifiers and air purifiers that can be used in any room. The air is humidified through cold evaporation leaving no mists; white residue or vapor’s and does not produce any excess humidity. Using an airwasher means you never have to worry about indoor air pollution or allergens ever again as it will provide peace of mind all round for your family and pets.

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