Air Purification Systems And Air Purity

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Air purification systems have become an important aspect to consider when it come to your health these days. It is fairly well documented that poor air quality presents a problem in many parts of the world. Air pollution mainly caused by humans is linked to numerous health concerns that include eye irritations, inflamed airways, and respiratory infections to life threatening diseases. According to recent studies around 2 million people living in cities die prematurely annually due to the effects of poor air quality.

Literally all living organisms need air to survive with the exception of anaerobic bacteria. 69 percent of humans spend their time indoor and since the average human breathes up to 11,000 liters of air daily, the importance of indoor air quality is at long last receiving the attention it deserves. To ensure the well-being of oneself and all household members, it is essential to have clean and high quality air in the home.

Enhancing Your Indoor Air

Air purification is essential for healthy living, to protect you from a number of diseases and allergies, as well as improves breathing difficulties and related illnesses. For indoor air enhancement, it is essential to install a powerful air purification system at home which will make a notable difference. Breathing hygienic fresh air is a blessing.

There are a wide range of different types of air purifiers on the market of which are not all equal. For example ozone and ionizing air purifiers have been questioned by the EPA as these types are not effective at removing air contaminants and can do more harm than good. Studies have revealed that ozone does not effectively purify air and is also known to be a toxic gas and unstable molecule that readily reacts with other chemicals in the air, forming compounds that can become more harmful than the ozone itself.

Air Purification Systems for Home

air purification systemsWhen choosing air purification systems, one should ensure the system is eco-friendly, uses minimal power, low maintenance, low noise level, simple to clean and easy to use. An air purification system should not produce white dust and should not over humidify. The system should clean, protect and restore the air in your environment from harmful pollen, airborne allergens, dust and harmful bacteria.

One of the most effective air purification systems are those comprising of a water system and not filter pads. Cold water evaporation traps irritants and allergens within the device as well as reduces mold and dust. When air passed through an airwasher it absorbs harmful elements and produces only pure clean air along with an ideal moisture level providing optimal health.

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